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Reasons why you need a website

ask yourself…

?  What are my competitors doing online?

?  What are my customers doing online?

?  Were they doing that 5 years ago?

?  What will they be doing in another 5 years?

?  Do I intend being in business in 5 years?

?  If not now, when?

These days if you have a business you need to be accessible on the internet in one way or another.  There are various ways to have a web presence, depending on your market and trading style –

  • Basic 1 page web presence or business listing – often free or cheap but not flexible, limited in information and does not use your own domain name.
  • Template Website – fast, cost effective, owner-editable, flexible, interactive, Content Management System (CMS) built in
  • Bespoke Website – unique to your business and requirements. Can be an excellent investment to showcase your business and products, giving lots of functionality for the benefit of your customers or business processes e.g. online bookings.
  • E-commerce Website – displays your product range and facilitates online sales & payments – can be very slick and complex. Reduces sales and retail premises costs  - BUT simple ‘shopping cart’ sites are not suitable for all.

The basic ingredients of your website

  • a good domain name (we can help you choose wisely),
  • a space on the internet to host your website (we do that)
  • a defined market to aim at (we can help you define that)
  • a design idea (yep we do that too)
  • a good logo and clear branding (just ask)
  • professional images and good informative content (all in our service)

A comprehensive package to help you take your business onto the internet in the fastest, most effective and economic way possible – and we can offer an excellent budget boosting deal on pay-per-month packages, please ask. 

So what makes our websites good for your business

  • Lots of visitors and return visitors
  • Top of the search engines
  • Easy to use ( by both visitors and the owner alike)
  • Viewable on various devices and browsers
  • Earns money for your business
  • Informative and fresh content

What makes a bad website? (we don’t do those)

  • No visitors! Or visitors leave (bounce) very quickly
  • Not user friendly and hard to navigate
  • Slow to load
  • Scripting Bugs / poor grammar
  • Too much text
  • Old or out of date content
  • Domain name hard to spell or remember
  • Poor images and useless graphics
  • Poor on-page SEO means it won’t be found!

At the beginning - we help you consider the aim of your website

Do you want to:

  • Give current customers more information
  • Attract new customers
  • Sell products & take payments
  • Showcase your range of products
  • Host blogs and news
  • An online presence for search engines to find
  • Reduce admin time (for e-commerce and CMS websites)

And once the website is complete, how do you get it noticed?

This is one of our main strengths. We have long felt that to only build a good website, with all the bells and whistles and inspiring images or content was really only half the story. Getting visitors to your website is the crucial part of making you visible. So we go the extra mile to utilise a broad range of online and traditional marketing methods to help you reach out to your potential market, including:

  • Search Engine Optimisation – see our SEO pages
  • Using the domain address as often as possible: On your Business Cards/ Flyers/ Van livery/ Uniforms/ Office / Building/ Banners/ Products/ Voicemail messages/ invoices
  • Pay-per Click Advertising campaigns
  • Great content – refreshed regularly
  • Online Directories & Listings –  take control of what is already there (and usually FREE)
  • Social Media – see our Social Media pages
  • Email and mail-shot campaigns
  • Local Advertising
  • Blogs and News Items
  • Competitions that can only be entered via the website

 And then we can help you make your website work even harder for you!

A few suggestions – contact us for a few more

  • Carry paid-for or reciprocal advertising (see our ‘Fusion’ marketing pages)
  • Sell or promote a range of products and offers
  • Customers can download and print their own forms and bills
  • A registration facility  –  gather email addresses
  • A customer services tool or portal
  • A forum for your staff or customers
  • Send a Regular E-Newsletter out to subscribers
  • Have a blog  page, embed videos & link to social media
  • Link to and from other useful websites


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Really impressed from the professional approach at the initial meeting right through to the completion of my website, not to mention the page 1 local search engine listing within the first six weeks!!

Paul, Sheffield

Core have been invaluable in injecting some insightful and creative ideas into our marketing and that of our dairy clients, this has helped us add value to our services and open new doors.

Geoff Millard, Sales Director, Borsdane Wood Ltd

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Get in touch with us

Whatever your marketing needs we can help. Please give us a call now on 01457 238544 or fill in the short form below. We welcome any questions you have and are happy to give free advice.