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5 Steps to a Facebook Page - Free Guide


(Extract) - What use is Social media?

Think of social media as the new ‘word of mouth’. The key element of most social media platforms is that the information (content) is primarily from the public and/or can be interacted with in some way by the public. Facebook is the biggest and best known with nearly a billion users.  If you can answer yes to most of these statements your business needs a Facebook page:

  •      Most of my customers are female
  •      My products appeal to females and something they buy regularly
  •      My products are relatively low cost and can be impulse purchases
  •      My products have visual appeal (images of fresh / cooked food are good)
  •      My customers are regulars and I can contact or leaflet them easily
  •      My products can be bought online
  •      I often have special offers or deals on my products
  •      My competitors have a Facebook page
  •      I would like to attract new customers in the 20-40 age bracket
  •      I would like a post I made to be seen for free by potentially 10,000+ people

See the full text and a 5 step simple facebook set up Here


An Investigation Into the ROI of Direct Mail vs. Email Marketing [DATA]

Some interesting statistics regarding the cost v results of email and traditional mail campaigns. It would appear the response rates and customer spend is very similar - but when you get to the return on investment (ROI) it is a very different matter, click here for the full article.


Worried About Negative Comments on Facebook? Free Guide

 (Extract) A conversation, by definition, involves 2 or more people – it usually encompasses words, views and maybe humour but it may also involve body language, eye contact, inflections and a lot of etiquette – things which define us as human beings.  Facebook is already hugely limited to just a few words and images on a page, so to limit it further by making it a one-way conversation is to miss the point and will drive people away.  See more in our guide here


Mining for Contacts and Feedback With Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring tools look mainly at the actual current ‘public’ conversations that are taking place on the thousands of social platforms, from facebook to forums and review sites. These can be a vauable aid in finding contacts and, more importantly, where your target market is commenting and congregating. There are a wide range of tools to do this and at Core Media Marketing we can supply this service for you.  See more in our guide here


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Really impressed from the professional approach at the initial meeting right through to the completion of my website, not to mention the page 1 local search engine listing within the first six weeks!!

Paul, Sheffield

Core have been invaluable in injecting some insightful and creative ideas into our marketing and that of our dairy clients, this has helped us add value to our services and open new doors.

Geoff Millard, Sales Director, Borsdane Wood Ltd

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