Mining for Contacts Using Social Media Monitoring Tools

By Alyson Cadd,

Social media monitoring is basically searching the social element of the Internet for any posts, comments or conversations about a topic or brand. This is different to the traditional mainstream Internet search which mainly concentrates on the search engine’s own databanks of websites and blogs to give you results.

Social media monitoring tools look mainly at the actual current ‘public’ conversations that are taking place. These can be accurately filtered, e.g. by topic, age of post or demographics. There are a wide range of tools to do this, some cheap and some very expensive. (of course at Core Media Marketing we can supply this service for you).

At its simplest, you would enter a name, brand, keyword or phrase into a monitoring tool or app and it will rapidly scour the thousands of social media platforms - from facebook and Twitter to blog sites, review sites, business listing sites and forums - compiling a list or report for you. Essentially a snapshot of what is being said or posted on social media that relates to your area of interest. Be warned though, that list could be very, very long unless you enter very specific search terms and filters!

There are countless uses for these tools to benefit your business:

To search for whom your competitors are & what they are saying on social media

What new products or new areas they are launching or targeting

To find where your competitors are listed on business directory sites

What their customers or the public are saying about them and their products

To search on your general product area and see what the consumers are saying

To search on your company or products to see what your own customers are saying

To research new areas or niche markets

To search on new or existing employees to get to know them better, faster

To find where your market 'goes to' for information, forums, chat, etc.


Extract from an article by Joel Windels via Econsultancy :

Social media monitoring tools allow you to quickly and easily mine thousands of conversations about your brand for the first time. Those comments can be stored and are searchable, and of course, are publicly available. But how to find all those comments? And what to do with them once you have them?

Instead of having to send market researchers or canvassers across the country, you can find and join in global conversations at the click of a button.

Finding your audience

It can be difficult to know where your target audience is hanging out online. For some industries, people discuss products and brands in fine detail on very niche forums. For others, fans may be on more general lifestyle forums, or writing a blog. For many, consumers are focusing their time on their favourite social networks.

You can use social media monitoring to search for discussions around a topic or theme, rather a specific brand or product. This is an oft overlooked use of tools. By searching for phrases and keywords within your industry, you can begin to learn where people go to discuss that topic/industry.

Once you’ve found these communities, you can monitor them for topics that attract the most attention while seeking ways to subtly promote your brand. Familiarise yourself with the communities and understand how they like to communicate and form their opinions; this can help you develop your next marketing initiative. What topics do they seek advice for? Are reviews and recommendations important to their decision-making? If you can begin to learn how they interact and what it is they like about these methods and communities, you can begin putting in place processes to optimise your marketing.

This is just a brief overview of how social media monitoring can be used for market research. Monitoring offers an easy entry into analysing competitors, understanding your target customers, and gaining insights from the broader market. We recommend starting with the basics first, and using monitoring to find:

• Where people talk about you.

• Which topics come up most frequently in relation to your brand.

• Who your main competitors are and your respective shares of voice.

Once you have a monitoring process in place which keeps you informed of these, you can start to look more deeply at competitors, consumer opinions, and wider trends.

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