What Use is Social Media?

Think of social media as the new ‘word of mouth’. Put simply it is the ability for the public to communicate directly with you and each other. The key element of most social media platforms is that the information (content) is primarily from the public and/or can be interacted with in some way by the public.  They take many forms on many different platforms, of which Facebook is the biggest and best known with nearly a billion users.

If you can answer yes to most of these statements your business needs a Facebook page:

     Most of my customers are female

     My products appeal to females and something they buy regularly

     My products are relatively low cost and can be impulse purchases (i.e. not a sofa!)

     My products have visual appeal (images of fresh or cooked food is good for facebook)

     My customers are regulars and I can contact or leaflet them easily

     My products can be bought online

     I often have special offers or deals on my products

     My competitors have a Facebook page

     I would like to attract new customers in the 20-40 age bracket

     I would like a post I made to be seen for free by potentially 10,000+ people

So basically it is ideal for small retail businesses like milkmen or restaurants!

If you still don’t think you want anything to do with social media the chances are you or your business are already appearing on it – either via a business directory you are listed on which allows users to comment on or ‘rate’ your business, or maybe your customers or even competitors are discussing your business or products on various platforms.

5 Steps to Set Up a Facebook Business Page

So the first thing to do is do a Google search on your business name (and maybe your own name too). You may be surprised to see just where your business appears and what is being said. In fact you may be listed on several sites without your knowledge as directory sites often populate their pages with information about businesses without informing them. It may be a case of ‘if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em’  – and join in the conversation…..here is how to start:

Step 1. Sign up for a personal Facebook account (as you) if you don’t already have one  – even if you never use it you will need one to register a business page.  Note: Businesses should not operate via a personal page and will eventually be deleted by Facebook.

Step 2. Once set up go to your own profile and scroll down the bottom of the page where there are some links in blue in a line (starting with ‘About’).  In that area is a link for ‘Create a Page’. Click that and it will take you to a wizard to create another separate but linked page.

Step 3. For this new page you must select ‘Local Business or Place’ and then from the new screen select one of the categories your business fits – there is Food/Grocery or Local Business, or Retail. It is your choice. Fill in the rest of the online form as comprehensively as you can. If you have a website make sure you include the address.

Step 4. Upload your business logo (ideally something that will display well in a small square box). Then choose a ‘cover image’ – like the wide banner pictures displayed at the top of websites. This needs to be an image that will display well in a wide landscape format.  Maybe a picture of your products? Or your vehicles? Or the team?

Step 5. ‘Like’ your business page from your personal page and ask as many people, friends and especially customers to do the same. Once you have 30+ Likes an analytics feature will automatically be enabled for you to see how people are using your page and the ‘reach’ you are getting. 

And then…..

So now your business page is set up as a sub-page of your own personal one, in the top right of your own profile you will see a little cog symbol. Click that and it will allow you to switch between the 2 pages (the page will also be listed on the left side of your personal profile).  With a little experimenting and practice you will find there are lots of things you can do with and on the page but bear the following in mind:


post what your audience is interested in (and that does not have to be food every time)

be entertaining and informative

ask/tempt your audience to like and share your page and posts – that way whatever you post reaches their friends and family too - and their friend and family  ad infinitum!

acknowledge comments and thank people for liking or sharing


just post images of products and use it like a catalogue

post too frequently (once or twice a day is good)

forget to post anything for days or weeks

ignore posters who ask questions or make comments

block comments – you need people to be able to converse

Some ideas to generate Likes and interaction:

Post images and mini profiles of your staff or office team

Post images of products – but cooked and delicious – especially around 11.30am!

Introduce new products on Facebook and ask for opinions

Promote offers and deals – and ask people to share them

Mention your website and provide the link in posts

Post images of kids or animals in relation to your products

Tell jokes or anecdotes relating to your industry/town

Hold competitions via Facebook – then announce winners

Mention holidays or special delivery dates on Facebook

Have order forms or product lists available for download on Facebook

Remember – to get people to see and find your Facebook page they have to know you have one, so promote it in leaflets, bills and on your website. To make that easier claim a custom Facebook URL for your page. For example ours is: https://www.facebook.com/CoreMediaMarketing (instead of facebook.com/344%$$$1234-op678 or whatever gobbledygook facebook add to the web address of your page.  Visit the link here: https://www.facebook.com/username and following the steps to claim yours.

If you would like any assistance or information Dennis, Dan, Andrew & Alyson are here to help!

Email  us at   connect@coremediamarketing.co.uk

Find us on Facebook at    www.facebook.com/CoreMediaMarketing

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Core have been invaluable in injecting some insightful and creative ideas into our marketing and that of our dairy clients, this has helped us add value to our services and open new doors.

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